Banks and Conditions of Marriage Loans

Taking credit for marriage and meeting your cash needs for expenses is possible with special loan options offered by banks.

Banks have also added their mortgage loan to their financial support in order to meet their cash needs that will be required during their marriage preparations. You can apply to banks for loans offered with very favorable interest rates and payment options.

Loan interest rates vary depending on the type of loan


Today, as with any loan application, credit ratings and income status are of great importance for marriage loans. Banks evaluate credit ratings primarily when evaluating their loan applications. Your credit score must be high for the pre-application to be successful.

You can find detailed information about marriage loan 2019 options in the rest of our article. Some banks offer wedding loans without interest. Payment options are available with a 3-month delay.

Public and private sector employees can benefit from such campaigns. We can call it as banks giving marriage loans or banks giving wedding loans.

Good Finance Marriage Loan, What Are The Conditions?


Good Finance organizes different campaigns in order to support couples during certain periods of marriage. In the absence of campaigns, it is possible to get the loan you need for marriage as a general loan. You can apply for a loan of up to 50 thousand USD.

Consumer loan interest rates start at 1.83%. With up to 36 months of maturity options, you can meet your cash needs. The documents you need for your loan application to Good Finance are the identity card and the income document. Your applications for Good Finance marriage loan ;

  • You can easily complete the application with the ‘Apply Now’ option on the Honest Bank official website.
  • It is possible to apply quickly without having to go to the branch through Good Finance internet banking. After logging into the Internet branch, respectively; You can apply by clicking on Application- Credit- Requirement Credit.
  • You can make your loan application by calling Alo Good Finance number. It is possible to get detailed information by contacting customer advisors.

Thrift Bank Bank Marriage Loan, What Are The Conditions?


If you have an income that we can present as a document, if this income is regular, it is possible to take out a loan for your marriage expenses, at least 1.000 USD.

You can apply for your marriage loan with maturity options of up to 48 months and favorable interest rates. You can perform the Thrift Bank marriage loan calculation on the official website. Documents required for Thrift Bank marriage loan application are as follows;

  • Identity card, original or photocopy of driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of income;
    • Photocopy of salary card for retirees
    • If there is rental income, it proves this lease contract or time deed
    • If the person is a self-employed person, a photocopy of the tax certificate
    • If the employee is a paid employee, the payroll for the last 3 months
  • A certified original or residence document in the name of the applicant, such as electricity, natural gas, water, telephone

It is possible to apply for Thrift Bank consumer loans through different channels. You can apply for marriage loan through the following channels;

Honest Bank Bank Credit What is Marriage, What are the Terms?

Honest Bank Bank Credit What is Marriage, What are the Terms?

You can apply for a general purpose loan for the Honest Bank marriage loan . Honest Bank offers loans with appropriate interest rates and payment options for all your needs. With maturity options of up to 36 months, you can benefit from interest rates starting from 2.20%. In order to make your dream wedding, Honest Bank needs a loan;

What Is Good Finance Wedding Loan, What Are The Conditions?

Marriage loan is given by Good Finance under the name of Wedding Loan. The loan, which was offered exclusively for the people to be married, was offered with very favorable interest rates.

The campaign presented was given with interest rates starting from 2.01% up to 10 thousand USD. The campaign, offered at an inexpensive and very favorable interest rate, is repeated at certain periods.

If you need a marriage loan for 2019, you can apply for a Good Finance consumer loan. Documents required for Good Finance consumer loan application are listed as follows;

  • Certificate of residence
  • Income certificate
  • Original and photocopy of the identity card

You can withdraw Good Finance consumer loan up to 50 thousand USD with maturities of up to 36 months. Interest rates start at 1.89%. If you wish, you can apply for a wedding loan from the Good Finance branches, if you wish, through the official website or through the mobile or internet branch.

What is Across lender Marriage Loan, What are the Conditions?


Across lender marriage loan is given as consumer loan in 2019 . The consumer loan for all individual needs has up to 36 months maturities and flexible payment options. To Across lender for your marriage expenses;

You can apply from branches, official website, mobile or internet banking. In order to get consumer loans from Across lender, you must have a high credit rating and, if necessary, show a financial guarantee.

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